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The glass objects made in the kilns on the island of Murano by master glass blowers are an old tradition. Their are made using techniques that have been handed down over the centuries.
The many glassworks in Venice and Murano offer any type of objects, for all tastes and wallets; there are Venini lamps and ashtrays, vases and small colored animals. with regards to jewelry, one popular souvenir is la murrina: a slim round pendant in colored glass with spiral or flower patterns that is hung on a gold or silver chain around your neck.
There are also some shops that sell necklaces made with colored Venetian glass pearls, that can sometimes be bought loose too so that you can use them to make some personalized jewelry yourself.

Find and buy the best Murano products in a minute: an intuitive interface, will let you enjoy the beauty of the real handmade Murano glassware.

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